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Bausch + Lomb to launch INFUSE for Astigmatism SiHy lenses in the US

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Bausch + Lomb Corporation is introducing its latest contact lens to the United States commercial market: INFUSE One-Day for Astigmatism daily disposable lenses.

Hold up ... doesn’t the company already have astigmatism lenses?

It does! Those are the ULTRA brand of monthly (note: not daily) contact lenses, which includes:

Similar to these latest INFUSE lenses, the ULTRA lenses are designed with Bausch + Lomb’s OpticAlign technology (more on that in a moment) as well as MoistureSeal technology, which enables them to maintain 95% of their moisture for a full 16 hours (with comfort).

Gotcha. Now let’s dive into this INFUSE brand.

The company’s INFUSE One-Day daily disposable contact lenses were first introduced in 2020. Most recently— June 2023— B+L launched the INFUSE Multifocal silicone hydrogel (SiHy) lenses (our coverage here).

Their purpose: to help maintain ocular surface homeostasis and minimize contact lens dryness

How are they designed?

In this case, the INFUSE SiHy lenses feature B+L’s next-generation material “infused” with:

  • ProBalance Technology
    • A proprietary blend of ingredients infused into the lens in order to maintain ocular surface homeostasis and aid in minimizing lens dryness.
    • Note: INFUSE lenses are currently the only B+L brand using this.
  • OpticAlign design
    • First introduced in 2016, this technology is engineered to provide stable and consistently clear vision with spherical aberration control optimized in both axes to reduce halos and glare.

And the lens material?

As with its multifocal lens counterpart, the INFUSE astigmatism lenses are composed of next-gen material (kalifilcon A) incorporating a high overall moisture (55%) with a low modulus (0.5 MPa) for optimal patient comfort.

Other features:

  • High-definition optics
  • 96% of moisture maintained for 16 hours
  • Oxygen transmissibility (107 at -3.00D)
  • Powers:
    • +6.00D to -12.00D in 0.25D steps (0.50D steps above -6.00D)

What ingredients go into this moisturizing effect?

B+L reports a combination of three main ingredients:

  • Osmoprotectants
    • Erythritol and glycerin
      • Purpose: maintain homeostasis under hyperosmotic stress
  • Electrolytes
    • Potassium
      • Purpose: for ocular homeostasis
  • Moisturizers
    • Poloxamine 1107 and poloxamer 181
      • Purpose: retain hydration, maintain healthy tear proteins, and ensure a smooth, wettable surface

Click here (and scroll down to % Overall Moisture Content) to see a comparison of the INFUSE lenses to five popular SiHy daily disposables.

Any clinical data to support these new lenses?

Yes, actually. Per B+L, 95% of the INFUSE for Astigmatism lenses  “settled within 10° within 30 seconds.”

  • Plus: “97% of INFUSE for Astigmatism lenses had less than 3° of rotation with blink and a mean comfort score of nearly 90%,” the company reported.
  • Even further: The company noted that the lens offers the “most in-office parameters and is the only daily disposable toric with -2.25 and -2.75 cylinders available in a fit set.”

So … when can I add these for my practice?

B+L plans to begin shipments of INFUSE for Astigmatism fitting sets in July 2024 (see fitting guidelines here).

As a bonus: The lenses are also recyclable via the company’s ONE by ONE Recycling Program.

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