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Eyes On Eyecare's first annual Pathways dry eye series surpasses expectations

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Eyes On Eyecare’s (EOE’s) first annual Implementation Pathways to Dry Eye Practice Success exceeded projected attendees across each of four, five-hour, virtual programs.

Refresh me on this series.

Implementation Pathways to Dry Eye Practice Success is designed for eyecare professionals (ECPs) serious about investing in and growing their dry eye practices.

ECPs were invited to attend any or all programs in the series as each delivered practical skills, technical knowledge, and business strategies about a specific topic that can elevate dry eye practice success.

What topics were covered?

Each of the four, five-hour programs was led by a dry eye specialist and featured a specific topic relating to a crucial element of dry eye disease (DED) management, including dry eye solutions, diagnostics, in-office procedures, protocols for refractive surgery patients, and advanced ocular surface therapeutics.

They included:

  • Series 1: Getting Started With Eyecare Solutions
  • Series 2: Next Steps With Diagnostics and In-Office Procedures
  • Series 3: Dry Eye Optimization for Lens and Refractive Surgery Patients
  • Series 4: Advanced Management With Ocular Surface Therapeutics

How many attended?

In total, Series 1-4 were attended by 2,638 ECPs, with an average attendance per series of an estimated 600.

Which topic was most popular?

Out of all four, Series 2—Next Steps With Diagnostic and In-Office Procedures—had the highest attendance, with 869 ECPs.

How does Pathways differ from Eyes On Dry Eye?

While Eyes On Dry Eye focuses on clinical research, skills, and education, Pathways highlights practical insights that elevate a practice’s current dry eye offerings and empower primary care optometrists to open a dry eye specialty clinic.

The four-part series was a nexus for committed ECPs to connect with technical experts for guidance on optimal purchases for their practice and implementation strategies to boost efficiency and practice success.

To note, 70% of ECP attendees reported that they have purchasing in their practices or the ability to influence decision-makers.

Any input from EOE?

EOE co-founder and CEO Matt Geller, OD, shared his excitement for the program’s success.

He noted that both Eyes on Dry Eye and EOE’s Courses provide continuing education (CE) and the latest research on DED.

“Pathways is the perfect complement to these offerings by empowering today’s ODs with practical knowledge about dry eye tools, technology, and therapeutics needed to invest in and elevate their dry eye practices,” he stated.

So what’s next?

Next up in the Eyes On Eyecare educational line-up is Eyes On Retina, which will be held on September 16, 2023, and will offer up to five hours of complimentary COPE-approved CE and CME credits.

Learn more and register here.

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