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Essilor adds new progressive lens to Varilux series

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EssilorLuxottica’s Essilor has developed the latest installment to its lineup of Varilux progressive lenses: the Varilux XR series, an artificial intelligence-based progressive lens for presbyopia.

What are Varilux X lenses?

Essilor’s Varilux X series lenses are marketed as the only progressive lenses that use the proprietary Xtend Technology—a breakthrough design calculation that significantly expands the area of sharp vision within arm’s reach.

They’re designed with a patented W.A.V.E. technology that identifies and removes distortion, analyzes the individual prescription of each lens, and examines pupil size changes as the eye focuses on different distances.

How many different types are there?

With this latest addition, Essilor now offers four solutions: Varilux Comfort Max, Varilux Physio W3+, Varilux X Series; and now Varilux XR Series. Click here for a rundown on each.

How do they compare to bifocals?

Bifocals only allow for the management of distance and  near vision, not the intermediate range. Further, there are limitations based on the design, specifically a small reading “window” that forces wearers to tilt their heads forward to see at a distance, and then back to see up close.

Conversely, the Varilux lenses contain no lines and sharpen distance/near vision. They also have a seamless transition through the intermediate zone based on the prescription and proprietary Essilor design algorithm. This allows the wearer to potentially adapt more rapidly and experience smooth, clear vision at all distances while not requiring wearers to tilt their heads.

What’s unique about this new lens?

Artificial intelligence and data from customer lifestyles were combined in digital twinning technology to establish a visual behavior profile for each prescription and create the eye-responsive lens that works according to the eye’s natural behavior.

According to Essilor, wearers receive an instant sharpness, even in motion, with up to 49% more vision volume compared to the earlier Varilux X series. Third-party tests found that 95% of wearers adapted to the new lenses on day 1.

Where can patients find them?

The Varilux XR series will make its entrance to the North American market during Vision Expo East in New York City, New York, next month (March 17-19, 2023), and will be available in the U.S. beginning this summer. Click here to search for where to find the current Varilux lenses.

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