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BostonSight introduces scleral lens fitting consultation program

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BostonSight has launched a new comprehensive consultation and fitting support program for practitioners of its proprietary scleral lens: Beyond the Fit.

Refresh me on BostonSight.

The nonprofit healthcare organization is advancing treatment for damaged / diseased corneas and dry eye via research, education, and technology development.

Its technology includes medical treatments such as:

  • PROSE, a customized scleral lens device treatment for restoring visual/physiological  function in ocular surface disease (OSD).
  • BostonSight SCLERAL, a commercially available, ready-to-fit scleral lens and our current topic of discussion.

Didn’t the nonprofit just announce an update to its services?

It did! BostonSight expanded its two-day, cost-free Fit Academy educational events in April 2024 to include two new programs for practicing ECPs:

  • FitAcademy for Residents
  • FitAcademy Latin America

The purpose: to train attendees on proper scleral lens fitting and assessment, plus how to manage and co-manage a range of both corneal and ocular surface disorders (dry eye disease [DED] and keratoconus, for example).

And the uniqueness: With hands-on learning and training in a small-scale setting, the programs aim to give residents the opportunity  to collaborate and strengthen their professional connections.

Read our coverage on these events here.

Alrighty, now let’s talk BostonSight SCLERAL.

BostonSight SCLERAL is an FDA-cleared lens design intended to treat irregular corneas and ocular surface disease (OSD).

Lens size range: 16 mm to 19 mm, in 0.5 increments (click here for a fitting guide tutorial)

Watch the video for a visual.

And its notable features?

Included in each lens are the following distinctive properties and proprietary smart technologies:

  • Built-in oval optic zones
    • For better lens centration and more predictable/reliable fitting endpoints
    • Note: This is the only trial lens set with this feature
  • SplineCurve Technology
    • For parameter change independence
  • Smart Channel Technology
    • Ensures fitting lenses over anatomical obstacles; promotes tear-exchange and minimizes suction
  • SmartSight Technology
    • Enables higher quality quantitative and qualitative vision with built-in higher-order aberration (HOA) and HOA correction
  • Smart 360
    • Provides empirical fitting with industry profilometers that delivers scan data to BostonSight’s manufacturing lab

What makes it unique?

This fitting system comes with a diagnostic FitKit and requires no additional training or special equipment to fit the scleral lenses;

As a bonus, it includes two offerings:

  • FitConnect
    • A web-based design and ordering/shipping tracking platform with 24/7 access
  • Beyond the Fit Program (more on this below)

Note: A practice using empirical free-form fitting via BostonSight’s Smart 360 technology (which integrates a practitioner’s corneo-scleral profilometer with the FitConnect for customized fitting) must also have an Oculus Pentacam CSP or an Eaglet ESP.

A user guide for lens fitting with these integrations can be found here.

Gotcha. Now what does this Beyond the Fit program include?

The program features multiple programs within it for ECPs to choose based on what works best with their respective schedules/clinical needs.

These include access to:

  • FitConnect (as mentioned above)
  • Comprehensive success team
  • First Fit Free
    • Eligible to new practices for their first patient when ordered within 30 days of joining the BostonSight SCLERAL network
  • FitAssist Vouchers
    • Free lenses available for ECPs with patients in financial need
  • FitSmart
    • Educational support including online seminars, fitting tips, as well as dine and learn sessions in regions across the U.S.

Nice! So how do I get started?

Click here to register your clinical practice with BostonSight’s FitConnect program.

From there, you’ll select your respective FitKit size and/or Smart360 Empirical Fitting and be contacted by the nonprofit for account/payment options.

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