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Ophthalmology Tech Forum to showcase groundbreaking industry innovations

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This June, Octane OC is kicking off the year’s center of innovation in the ophthalmic space: the 2024 Ophthalmology Technology Forum (OTF).

Ahead of the two-day event, we’re giving you a rundown on anything and everything to know—including why it’s a can’t-miss for any ophthalmic professionals looking to discuss the future of the industry.

And as a bonus: Glance President Jaclyn Garlich, OD, FAAO, spoke with Octane’s Cara Parchment, senior signature event manager for OTF, on what makes this event unlike any other.

Start with the basics: What is Octane?

Located in Southern California, Octane is described as a comprehensive innovation ecosystem for technology and medtech startups as well as communities.

What it does: Connects people, resources, capital, and high-value support to its partners/clients within Southern California.

  • How: By helping to create +55K high-paying technology jobs (by 2030) and hosting various programs on an annual basis.

Key to this: Octane’s LaunchPad SBDC, which provides an enhanced capital funding strategy for tech, meditech, and climate tech companies.

  • Note: Since 2010, Octane and LaunchPad SBDC have helped nearly 2,000 companies; since 2023, they’ve raised close to $972 million in funding

Let’s move on to this technology forum.

Originally launched 12 years ago, OTF started out with 50 participants and has since grown to 500+ attendees of the two-day-only, annual event.

Its purpose: Bringing together industry, key opinion leaders (KOL), and top ophthalmologists to speak on the latest innovations and the future of the ophthalmic industry.

The meeting is held in Orange County, California—dubbed the “center for ophthalmology in the U.S.”

Exactly how is this event different from others in the industry?

Aside from being smaller in attendance size, the event focuses exclusively on industry innovations—there won’t be any clinical sessions or continuing education (CE) credit opportunities, says Parchment.

Instead: Attendees get an exclusive look at the up-and-coming technologies from entrepreneurs in the field.

And when is it?

The end-of-week event kicks off on Thursday, June 20, and runs through Friday, June 21 (PST).

  • Thursday
    • Start time: 3:30 pm
    • End time: 7 pm
  • Friday
    • Start time: 6:30 am
    • End time: 5:30 pm

Location-wise: The meeting will be held at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa in Newport Beach, California.

So what goes on at this event?

Highlighting the latest trends and current advancements in ophthalmic tech, OTF begins Thursday evening with exclusive, invite-only events before leading into its first networking event: A physician and entrepreneur reception designed for medical industry companies and ophthalmic professionals.

Which companies will be represented?

Presenters and panelists in attendance include industry and medical professionals from:

  • AbbVie
  • Alchemy Vision
  • Aurion Biotech
  • Apellis Pharmaceuticals
  • Ace Vision Group
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec
  • Emmecell
  • Genentech
  • jCyte Inc
  • Johnson & Johnson Vision
  • Lenz Therapeutics
  • Neurotech Pharmaceuticals
  • Orasis Pharmaceuticals
  • RxSight, Inc
  • Sanoculis
  • Trukera Medical
  • ViaLase, Inc

That’s quite the lineup. Moving on to Friday …

Friday features a jam-packed day of innovating industry panel discussions and presentations, starting first with keynote speeches from two KOLs:

  • Euan Thompson, PhD: Carl Zeiss Meditec IncPresident of Ophthalmic Devices & Head of Digital Business Unit
  • Jim Mazzo: Neurotech; OctaneExecutive Chairman (Neurotech) / Co-Founder (Octane)

And afterward?

That’s when the short and sweet, 30- to 35-minute panel discussions and experiences in innovations begin. Topics include (but definitely are not limited to):

  • Posterior and anterior segment
  • Genetic engineering and cell transplantation
    • Both sessions will feature a rundown on the newest (and future!) technologies in the field

Plus, discussions will center around:

  • Changing ophthalmic practice
    • Cash-pay technologies, practice growth opportunities, and upcoming elective trends in eye care
  • Interventional glaucoma
    • Recent technology advancements (including an evolving reimbursement environment)
  • The good, bad, and ugly of private equity
    • Existing challenges and its future in eye care

See here for the complete agenda, including the industry and medical professional panelists.

Sounds exciting! So what should I expect to take away from this event?

Parchment said it best: Networking opportunities.

"The event is small enough where you get to mix and mingle with the who’s who of the ophthalmology field and invest in up-and-coming technologies,” she said.

Lastly, where can I register?

Industry professionals, ophthalmic physicians, and investors can click here to register.

The cost:

  • Members/sponsors: $925
  • General admission: $1,250
  • General admission + Octane membership: $1,425

Bonus: Glance readers can score a discount on registration fees with the following codes:

  • GLANCE200

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