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Oasis launches SOFT PLUG Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plug

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OASIS Medical Inc. has launched its latest dry eye-targeted product: the SOFT PLUG Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plug.

Let’s start with OASIS.

Founded in 1987, OASIS Medical is a medical device and drug manufacturer operating as a “practice-based” company providing “solution-based” products for dry eye and surgical practices.

The Glendora, California-based company also invests in long-term strategic partnerships with eyecare providers (ECPs), acting as a consultant by providing resources for doctors and their practices.

And its product lineup?

Its dry eye—including the Oasis TEARS eye drop brand—and surgical tools fall under the following categories:

  • Punctal occlusion (our topic of choice) and lacrimal systems
  • Accessories and dry eye diagnostics
  • Compresses
  • Collagen shields and marketing pen
  • HPMC Viscoelastic
  • Pupil expansion devices
  • Scalpels and knives
  • Cannulas, needles, and cystotomes

See here for the full rundown of products.

Now zero in on punctal occlusion.

OASIS’s selection of plugs include:

  • FORM FIT Hydrogel Canalicular Plugs
  • SOFT PLUG Silicone Punctum Plugs
  • SOFT PLUG Flow Control Plugs
  • SOFT PLUG Collagen Intracanalicular Plugs
  • SOFT PLUG  Extended Duration Plugs

Tell me about these extended duration plugs.

The SOFT PLUG Extended Duration Plugs are designed as “absorbable canalicular occluders that are an effective option for transient dry eye symptoms” in patients:

  • Pre- and post-surgically
  • Seasonally
  • Looking for non-permanent options for punctal occlusion

And the latest addition?

The SOFT PLUG Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plug includes a .25 mm tapered end for easy insertion into the punctal opening.

From there, it “gradually widens to a .6 mm diameter at the top end to contribute to occlusion of the canaliculus,” according to the company.

Gotcha. And what material is it made of?

Per OASIS, the plugs are made from degradable polydioxanone monofilament.

So what’s the purpose of this new plug?

The plug is intended to temporarily block tear drainage via the occlusion of the canaliculus in order to temporarily treat dry eye and other similar symptoms of ocular surface diseases (OSD).

How: by temporarily enhancing the efficacy of topical medications or ocular lubricants, resulting in:

  • Temporary treatment of contact lens intolerance
  • Temporary treatment of dry eye following ocular surgery

Note: it can also determine the potential effectiveness of permanent occlusion.

And how long before degradation?

Following insertion through the punctal opening and into the canaliculus, the plug degrades in an estimated 180 days.

How does this compare to OASIS’s other plugs?

Comparatively, the company’s other punctal plugs vary in their duration:

  • Short-term
    • SOFT PLUG Collagen Plugs → up to 5 days
  • Medium-term
    • SOFT PLUG Extended Duration → up to 3 months
    • SOFT PLUG Extended Duration 180 → up to 6 months (similar to the 80-T Tapered Plug)
  • Long-term
    • FORM FIT Hydrogel Plugs → hydrates over a 10-minute period
    • SOFT PLUG Silicone Plugs → up to 180 days

How are these supplied?

The plugs are supplied as sterile with two plugs per pouch (enabling a plug to be placed into each canaliculus).

Packaging: Each box comes packaged with 20 pouches (50 plugs), with the reference number 6210.

Lastly … where can I find them?

Recently unveiled during the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) meeting earlier this month, the plugs are reportedly available across the United States.

Click here to inquire about ordering for your clinical practice.

*Featured image property of OASIS Medical Inc.

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