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Barti introduces AI transcription tech for optometrists

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Barti Software has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) ambient listening and transcription technology add-on to its electronic health records (EHR) and practice management platform for optometric practices.

To learn more about the benefits of this latest addition—and what makes it so unique to other EHRs for eyecare practitioners (ECPs)—Glance President Jaclyn Garlich, OD, FAAO, spoke with Barti co-founder and CEO Colton Calandrella.

Company refresh, please.

Based in San Francisco, California, Barti is a venture-backed software startup with the sole mission of simplifying and providing an EHR exclusively for optometry practices.

Why: to allow optometrists to spend less time on EHR and more time focused on their patients.

Now this flagship platform.

Barti’s software is “designed by 30+ leading eye care providers from across the U.S. and developed by Silicon Valley Engineers.”

Its reported goal: to reduce the 100+ clicks it takes to document an eye exam using legacy solutions.

And the optometry focus: Specialty templates are available for myopia management, vision therapy, and binocular vision, to name a few.

Let’s talk features.

The basic system offers a few key components:

  • Exam
    • Flexible/auto-populated exam notes and machine integration for faster/simpler charting
    • Dedicated specialty templates (see above)
  • Patient communication
    • Two-way messaging platform for patients with customized, automated reminders
  • Calendar
    • Enable patients to request appointments based on real-time availability
      • Plus avoid unintended double bookings
    • Save staff time with nearly no training required
  • Optical and contact lens ordering
    • Integrated frames and contact lens supplier system
      • Potential to maximize sales potential with frame inventory insights
    • Notify patients on pending orders
  • Patient intake
    • Reduced admin work with customizable patient intake form (mobile-friendly)
      • Available for patients to complete prior to appointment
    • Faster patient check-in process and streamlined in-office experience
  • Billing & inventory
    • Track invoices and claims in one system
    • Clearinghouse integration for submitting medical claims
    • Simplified invoice creation

Alrighty, I’m finally up to date. Tell me about this AI scribe.

An industry first, this native AI-assisted charting for the Barti EHR system is designed to enable hands-free charting for optometrists.

The result: ECPs can generate accurate medical notes (via the AI scribe) while maintaining their focus on patients.

Explain this process.

The transcription process begins with a patient’s consent followed by the ECP clicking the “record” button.

From there, the AI “directly captures, structures, and summarizes key information in real-time during patient consultations,” according to Barti.

Plus, “relevant details” are filtered to create concise documentation of each patient appointment.

What are the benefits for ECPs?

Barti notes three main areas of optimization:

  • Time savings
    • AI reduces charting time by 2 hours per day per doctor
  • Precision
    • 96%+ of the AI-generated text is deemed accurate by providers
  • Thoroughness
    • Charts are 2.5x more detailed than manual entry

With this extra time saved, the company also reports that some clinics have been able to lift patient visits by up to 30% due to this technology, as well as lighten the cognitive load for providers.

So is AI only available for charting?

For the time being, yes. However, Calandrella stated that the company is just getting started on its incorporation.

“Eventually we’re going to roll out AI to virtually every part of our product (the EHR system), with the end goal of saving doctors’ time,” he said.

Sounds exciting! How can I get started using this?

Click here to schedule a demo of the platform with a Barti team member.

Even better: The onboarding process takes less than 2 hours to complete, according to the company.

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