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The Vision Council launches online regulatory monitoring service for optical industry

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The Vision Council (TVC) is rolling out a brand-new, comprehensive teleoptometry regulatory monitoring service intended to exclusively serve the optical industry.

Let’s dive right in.

Called “PolicyWatch,” this digital resource’s purpose includes tracking legislation tailored to teleoptometry—an alternative form of eyecare delivery that has become increasingly adopted by eyecare professionals (ECPs) in recent years.

Check out its official website here.

What exactly will it be doing?

The resource is guided by “industry experts” who will provide a “consolidated comprehensive, up-to-date point of reference for the optical industry telehealth regulation standards” for all 50 states in the U.S.—plus the District of Columbia (DC).

Translation: These experts are available to answer any and all questions ECPs may have about each state’s telehealth optical policies.

So what kind of info is available?

The platform includes real-time updates on state-specific topics such as:

  • Telehealth policy (as we mentioned)
  • Reimbursement and payer implications
  • Professional requirements and scope of practice
  • In-progress or pending legislation

Note: Also included are email alerts with state-by-state regulatory updates and downloadable summaries.

How often is the platform’s legal content updated?

Per PolicyWatch: Existing state regulations are reviewed every 6 months, as existing statutory regulations do not change frequently.

Pending legislation is reviewed monthly and updated accordingly as changes occur.

And how do I get a subscription to these services?

ECPs interested in PolicyWatch can choose from three subscription options (tiered based on state access) for their clinical practice (see below).

Bonus: TVC members receive a 20% discount on each membership.

  • Local subscription
    • Access: three states
    • Price: $2,500*
      • TVC membership price: $2,000*
  • Regional subscription
    • Access: 12 states
    • Price: $8,500*
      • TVC membership price: $6,800*
  • National subscription
    • Access: 50 states + DC
    • Price: $15,000*
      • TVC membership price: $12,000*

*Each membership is billed annually.

Is there a trial membership I can try out?

There is! Click here to schedule a demo.

How many clinical staff members can use a subscription?

Per PolicyWatch: There’s no limit!

And if I have any other questions?

Contact the resource’s experts directly.

Lastly … explain why a resource like this is critical for ECPs.

As Michael Vitale, ABOM, TVC’s vice president of membership, government relations, and technical standards stated:

“Understanding state regulations for remote eye exams is not only crucial for compliance but also for ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care regardless of their location.”

See here for Glance coverage of recent legislation news.

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