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Shamir launches advanced digital electro-optic measurement system

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Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. has launched a new technology to add to its lineup of customized products: the Spark 4W, an advanced digital electro-optic measurement system.

Quick refresher on this company, please.

Established in 1972, the Israel-headquartered company is an international developer and manufacturer of optical lenses.

With locations in 23 countries (including the United States), Shamir specializes in custom-designed lens technology, including single-vision and progressive lenses for innovative lens performance.

To note, EssilorLuxottica is a 50% shareholder of the jointly owned private company.

Now this new product.

Based on 3D stereo vision technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Spark 4W is designed to acquire precise and automatic measurements of patients’ pupillary distance (PD), all with a single click.

The system is based on Shamir’s original Spark 4 system, which was launched in 2022.

How does it work?

ECPs simply place their patients in front of the system and click the screen to start, and the touch-free technology takes care of capturing images on its own.

Give me some feature details.

  • Six high-resolution camera sensors that deliver 24-megapixel images
  • Four additional color cameras capture crisp images of any eyewear (clear lenses, sunglasses, and different coatings)
  • Precision viewing component features two active near-infrared cameras to enable an unobstructed view of a patient’s pupil
  • Automatic pupil detection via AI vision algorithm for detecting and processing 192 facial landmarks

How mobile-friendly is it?

Per Shamir, extremely:

  • Operates on WiFi to enable use on any mobile device
  • Stand-alone system design allows eyecare professionals (ECPs) to place it at their location of choice for optimal comfort and convenience
  • Available via the Shamir Spark Remote application via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop
    • Enables ECPs to take precise PD photos and confirm accuracy without the need for a computer
    • Completes the process by filling in additional parameters after a patient has left

Exactly how precise are these photos?

As precise as possible, thanks to Shamir’s novel As-Worn POV technology—a technology designed to compensate for a patient's prescription in front of the pupil to match their personal point of view in order to deliver sharp vision at all distances.

In the case of Spark 4W, ECPs use this technology to ensure the lens delivers optimal vision in a patient’s chosen frame.

So what’s the benefit of this for my practice?

Essentially, a quicker, more precise + streamlined measuring and ordering process than standard PD measurement tools, benefiting both ECPs and patients.

Once a patient’s PD is captured and they’ve left the store, an ECP can complete the process via any device and submit online—all in one session and reducing any potential risks or delays, according to Shamir.

So where can I find this?

Click here (and scroll to the bottom) to request more information on adding this to your practice.

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