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OrCam introduces AI-powered device for low vision and visual impairment

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OrCam Technologies Inc. announced the launch of the OrCam Read 3, designed as an artificial intelligence (AI)-supported, all-in-one solution for patients with vision loss or visual impairment.

Company refresh, please.

Based in Israel, OrCam was launched in 2010 with a focus on personal AI assistive technology platforms. To note, its founders previously co-founded Mobileye, an intel company specializing in driver-assist, AI-based, and autonomous technology.

Comparatively, OrCam is using AI-driven computer vision and machine learning to support patients who are blind, visually impaired, or have hearing loss.

And its products?

Aside from this new addition of the OrCam Read 3, the company’s lineup of AI-powered technology includes:

  • OrCam MyEye
    • A wearable, voice-activated device for visual impairment
      • Pro → for reading and daily activities
      • Smart → for reading activities
  • OrCam Read
    • An intuitive handheld device for reading activities to assist with certain levels of visual impairment
      • To note, the OrCam Read 3 is an advanced version of this device.

Now this new device.

Similar to the company’s other products, the OrCam Read 3 is a portable and intuitive device designed for patients with vision loss, reading fatigue, or other reading challenges.

Important to note: the device does not come with a built-in screen; connectivity is drawn from computers, laptops, and tablets—smartphones are not currently supported due to their small size.

So how small is this device?

The company compares it to roughly the size of a travel toothbrush or a single TWIX candy bar.

And how does it work?

Per the company, the device uses “highly accurate” optical character recognition (OCR) software to capture and read aloud printed or digital text from any surface. Users have the option to read the text themselves or have the text read to them—all at their own pace.

A Smart Reading capability enables a user “find and navigate specific words or sections within the text” to locate specific information.

Does it summarize text too?

Yes! An AI-powered Summarization feature via an AI assistant can scan a sentence or full page of text to verbally provide a recap. However, this can only be done for English text and when connected to WiFi.

To note, OrCam is planning to add language translation capabilities in the near future.

Also, the device already supports 17+ different languages for users to set as their default language.

So is WiFi needed at all times for it to work?

Nope. Only the Summarization (and upcoming translation function) will require a WiFi connection. All other features are accessible offline.

What other features?

  • Barcode reader
  • Next-gen magnifier
    • Zooms in on text, handwriting, numbers, graphics, and images on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
      • Includes text extraction, customization options, and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities
  • Specially-designed stand
    • Lightweight and easily collapsible

Gotcha. So how much does it cost?

The company is offering a limited launch offer of $2,490 (compared to $2,790 for regular price), with monthly payment installments available.

For this total, users receive the device, OrCam stationary stand and speaker, as well as access to the magnifier web app. Click here to learn more on how to purchase the device.

And how long does shipping take?

Per OrCam, an estimated 14 days.

And lastly… shipping is free.

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