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Ace Vision adds new CMO, medical advisory board members, and websites

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Ace Vision Group, Inc. has named its new chief medical office (CMO) and appointed four ophthalmologists to its medical advisory board.

And, in addition, the company has also announced the launch of a newly updated corporate and dedicated medical affairs website.

Lots of updates! Let’s start with this company.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Ace Vision is a privately-held ophthalmic laser device company focused on developing laser-based therapeutic technologies to treat age-related eye diseases and restore the eye’s natural performance.

Any notable products?

Yes! Per the company, it is currently working on the development and commercialization of a touchless therapeutic device called the VisioLite Ophthalmic Laser System—anticipated to be the first in-office laser therapy for presbyopia in the United States.

This device will initially be used for Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM), a clinical-stage, minimally invasive rejuvenation therapy (of the eye’s natural dynamic range of focus [DRoF] function) intended for treating presbyopia and, potentially, other ocular diseases such as glaucoma.

Learn more about that here.

How far into the clinical process is this?

The device has undergone pilot studies outside of the U.S. A recent institutional review board (IRB)-registered pilot study of 100 eyes (50 patients) at the Asian Eye Institute, led by principal investigator, Robert T. Ang, MD.

Per Ace Vision, the data—presented at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) 2023 meeting in September—has “demonstrated sustained results through 2 years.”

Sounds promising. Now talk about this new CMO.

Ace Vision named Rob Kissling, MD, as its CMO—an ophthalmologist with 20+ years of clinical development, medical strategy, and business planning experience in developing / commercializing best-in-class ophthalmic devices and medicines, according to the company.

Give me more on his experience.

Dr. Kissling previously served as Bausch + Lomb’s vice president of clinical and medical affairs, and has also held roles at Pharmacia, Pfizer, and Novartis.

And what will his role be as CMO?

Per Ace Vision, he will be in charge of overseeing the development and commercialization of the LSM.

Gotcha. Moving on to these new board members …

The company’s newest medical advisory board members include:

  • Cathleen McCabe, MD
  • James Katz, MD
  • Ehsan Sadri, MD
  • Dagny Zhu, MD

And their roles?

These ophthalmic members will focus on assisting the development and commercialisation of LSM. 

“LSM therapy gives us an opportunity to treat our patients at any stage of presbyopia and continue to treat them throughout their aging cycle, ” stated Dr. Katz, “so that they have sustainable and functional vision, restoring their eyes’ natural dynamic focusing power for years,”

How about a final rundown on these new websites?

The updated corporate website (viewable here) is designed for an easier user experience.

Meanwhile, the dedicated medical affairs website serves as a comprehensive resource hub for Ace Vision’s scientific data, clinical studies, and educational materials regarding LSM.

Click here to access it.