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Visionix partners with 20/20NOW on tele-optometry

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Visionix USA has entered into a strategic alliance with 20/20NOW to offer affordable ocular telemedicine and tele-optometry comprehensive eye exams to patients across the United States.

Let’s start with a refresher.

Visionix USA—headquartered outside of Chicago, Illinois—is an arm of Visionix, a France-based medical equipment manufacturing company specializing in providing technology for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians offering the following diagnostic technology:

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Screenings
  • Refraction
  • Automatic edgers
  • Automatic lensmeters
  • Autorefractometers
  • Slit lamps

Any notable products?

Click here for the complete list.

Of note, the company recently launched the latest version of its lens edging system—the Briot Attitude 3, a personalized eyewear technology—in August 2023.

The system is the sixth addition to Visionix’s portfolio of automatic lens edger systems, all designed to streamline the lens processing workflow and, ideally, significantly improve efficiency and productivity in optical practices.

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Gotcha. And 20/20NOW?

The telehealth company provides optical retailers in 34 states the capability to offer affordable comprehensive eye exams with live doctor consultations via a tele-optometry model that includes:

  1. Electronic medical record (EMR) of patient’s medical history
  2. Visual pre-testing conducted by an on-site optical assistant
  3. Visual acuity (VA) testing performed on-site via real-time remote doctor/technician
  4. Eye health exam conducted by on-site optical technician for:
    1. Ocular alignment and motility, pupil function, color vision, visual field testing, etc.
  5. Live clinical review with licensed optometrist via video conferencing (prescription finalization)
  6. All patient data captured in EMR for easy portability of records
  7. Electronic [spectacle] prescription sent to patient within minutes of exam completion

How are exam fees priced?

Per 20/20Now, there’s two models for optometrists and optical retailers:

  • Tiered pricing model
    • Contract with 20/20Now
    • Collect exam fees from patients or insurance providers
    • Charged per exam with three pricing tiers (starting at $55 per exam)
  • Sublease model (exclusive to California, Texas, and Virginia)
    • Work with 20/20Now to set and collect fees
    • No per exam fee (patient self-pay)
    • No billing for insurance at client-managed locations

See here for details on equipment pricing (an estimated $1,900 per month to finance, if you need equipment), accepted payment methods as well as the big question on return on investment (ROI).

Or click here for a customized price quote.

How will this alliance combine the two companies?

Per the companies, Visionix will now offer 20/20NOW’s tele-optometry platform with its integrated devices to provide tele-optometry services.

Any impact on Visionix customers?

Per the company, customers will now have expanded opportunities to “explore an alternative business model” that features telehealth professionals.

These connections could allow eyecare professionals (ECPs) to launch multi-location  opticals and practices that incorporate tele-optometry.

How would I do this?

Click here to book a tele-optometry consultation with Visionix.