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NovaBay launches Avenova Allograft in the US

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NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the commercial launch of its newly-rebranded Avenova Allograft in the United States.

Refresh me on this rebrand.

Just last week (September 11, to be exact), NovaBay acquired the commercial rights to BioStem Technologies, Inc.’s Amniotic Tissue Allograft—along with the right to rename the product.

Read our coverage on that agreement here.

And what, exactly, are amniotic allografts?

Amniotic allografts are human amniotic fluid and/or amniotic membrane tissues that have been minimally manipulated into either a liquid or patch.

Historically-speaking, these allografts have been used in regenerative medicine, where they are placed on or around a wound to “cover,” protect, and nourish the tissue.

Gotcha. And this product?

Available via prescription only, the Aenova Allograft is an ultra-thin, ultra-light structural tissue allograft composed of the placental membrane’s amnion layer.

Its intended purpose: to provide a protective environment for the cornea and conjunctiva during the healing process—enabling rehabilitation of the ocular surface.

To note, it is also currently the only ophthalmic allograft manufactured using BioStem’s patented, six-step BioREtain manufacturing process designed to preserve the biologic quality of the tissue critical to the wound healing process.

So how is this being packaged?

The product will include the amnion layer of the placental membrane, measuring 20 to 50 microns thick.

How many sizes does it come in?

Per NovaBay, the allograft is available in 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm diameter sizes.

Is NovaBay shipping it?

Actually, no. Per the companies’ commercial rights agreement, BioStem will be responsible for manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and regulatory compliance of the Avenova Allograft.

Where can I order?

Click here to order directly from the Avenova website.