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September marks global launch of Myopia Action Month

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Myopia Profile announced the international launch of its first-ever myopia awareness initiative “Myopia Action Month 2023,” in partnership with industry-leading companies.

Refresh me on this organization.

As an international organization, Myopia Profile is a clinical myopia management information center for eyecare professionals (ECPs) focusing on improving pediatric vision.

The goals of the organization are built on three pillars of activity, which include:

  1. Providing accessible, clinically relevant professional education
  2. Developing clinical resources to support patient care
  3. Raising public awareness

Didn’t they just have an update?

Indeed they did.

The organization unveiled a revamped educational website in August 2023, redesigned to support promoting myopia management learning for users.

Read our coverage here.

Gotcha. Now back to this initiative.

Myopia Action Month is serving as an instructional program for ECPs to take action against myopia, focusing on global education and industry collaboration.

Go on ...

Throughout the 4-week event, the program will include free online seminars, industry expert-led lectures, and educational resources for promoting myopia management as a standard of care.

What kind of courses are available?

Myopia Management Made Simple” is available as a free, 1-hour course to supply clinicians with up-to-date myopia research and evidence-based treatment options.

The virtual, practical course is taught by Myopia Profile co-founders Kate Gifford, PhD, BAppSC(Optom)Hons, and Paul Gifford, PhD, as well as Jeanne Saw, OD, and includes a summary of over 100 scientific references designed to teach attendees the following:*

  • Understanding of myopia development and progression evidence
  • Step-by-step guidance on in-practice management
  • Clinical communication
    • Managing expectations
    • Gauging success
  • Exploring myopia control treatments and comparative efficacy
  • Prescribing considerations
  • Case studies

*This is not a comprehensive list.

How about these resources?

Each week will feature one day of virtual seminars lectured by leading ECPs and sponsored by the initiative’s partnering companies.

Seminars are pre-recorded but also feature a Q&A engagement portion afterward, allowing for viewers to post questions.

To note, all 90-minute seminars are available to watch on demand (excluding the Q&A portion) following their respective screenings.

When do they premiere?

  • Wednesday, September 6
    • 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm CDT
  • Tuesday, September 12
    • 1:30 am - 3:00 am CDT
  • Tuesday, September 19
    • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CDT
  • Tuesday, September 26
    • 5:00 am - 6:30 am CDT

And the topics?

First up on September 6 are the following session topics:

  • The MiSight Day 1 story
  • Orthokeratology fittings using topography and biometry
  • Building myopia knowledge

Click here for details on all 11 sessions, including lecturer names.

Lastly, where do I go to participate in this initiative?

Click here for all the details on registration and how to participate.