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Inaugural dry eye forum kicks off summer series

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Eyes On Eyecare has successfully launched the first series with the four-part dry eye implementation program.

Tell me about this series first.

Implementation Pathways to Dry Eye Practice Success is designed for eyecare professionals (ECPs) looking to immediately grow their dry eye practices.

The program consists of four series that focus on dry eye solutions, diagnostics, in-office procedures, protocols for refractive surgery patients, and advanced ocular surface therapeutics.

And this first series?

The first in this inaugural series—Getting Started with Eyecare Solutions—  drew 650 attendees who consumed over 750 hours of education on how to start and grow a dry eye speciality practice.

In total, the course resulted in 1,300 leads for sponsoring organizations and 50 direct product inquiries.

Key takeaways?

Attendees of Series 1 shared a fresh understanding of the importance of creating a process that includes dry eye symptom screening with a validated questionnaire, thoughtful diagnostic testing that provides actionable data, and a treatment plan that includes the most effective over-the-counter (OTC) products, prescription therapy, and in-office procedures.

What’s next in the series?

On Friday, June 2, 2023, the series will continue with Next Steps with Diagnostics and In-Office Procedures from 7:30am-1:20pm PT /10:30am-4:20 pm ET.

Session 2 will focus on educating ECPs on the latest research and strategies to accurately diagnose dry eye patients at the earliest stages.

Designed for serious practitioners, attendees are expected to show up to the courses with practical questions and implement the skills and knowledge gained in the course.

How can I sign up for these next 3 sessions?

Each 5-hour workshop will focus on a specific aspect of DED management, including:

Gotcha … so how is this different from other dry eye courses at EoE??

Eyes On Dry Eye, held in February, is the largest virtual event dedicated exclusively to dry eye disease (DED) education for a broad audience of MDs, ODs, and technicians.

Implementation Pathways is a series of intimate practical workshops targeted to eyecare professionals serious about investing in and growing their practices. Rather than CE, ECPs can expect specific and practical business technical training on how to take their dry eye practices to the next level.

ECPs and their staff can attend one or all sessions, as each track is designed to create success in a specific area—from which diagnostics to invest in to how to treat advanced disease states.

Where can I sign up for these sessions?

Click here!