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Virtual workshop series to offer dry eye practice success

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Tell me about this series.

Implementation Pathways to Dry Eye Practice Success is designed for eyecare professionals (ECPs) looking to grow their dry eye practices.

Each practical session focuses on dry eye solutions, diagnostics, in-office procedures, protocols for refractive surgery patients, and advanced ocular surface therapeutics.

How is this different from Eyes On Dry Eye?

Eyes On Dry Eye, which was held in February, is the largest virtual event dedicated exclusively to dry eye disease (DED) education for a broad audience of MDs, ODs, and technicians.

Implementation Pathways is a series of intimate practical workshops targeted to eyecare professionals serious about investing in and growing their practices. Rather than CE, eyecare professionals can expect specific and practical business technical training on how to take their dry eye practices to the next level.

Doctors and their staff can attend one or all sessions, as each track is designed to create success in a specific area—from which diagnostics to invest in to how to treat advanced disease states.

When is it?

Held over four sessions throughout the summer, each 5-hour workshop will focus on a specific aspect of DED management, including:

  • Series 1: Getting Started With Eyecare Solutions (Saturday, May 20)
  • Series 2: Next Steps With Diagnostics and In-Office Procedures (Friday, June 2)
  • Series 3: Dry Eye Optimization for Lens and Refractive Surgery Patients (Saturday, July 8)
  • Series 4: Advanced Management With Ocular Surface Therapeutics (Saturday, July 22)

Will CE be offered?

No continuing education will be offered.

What will each session be like?

Attendees can expect a 5- to 6-hour day per series that includes expert advice from the nation’s top dry eye specialists, representatives from leading dry eye solution providers who can provide technical and product advice, as well as business management insights on how to allocate funds for prospective capital expenditures.

Attendees may ask questions to both dry eye specialists and technical experts and will have opportunities to win $500 in raffle prizes in each event.

Where can I sign up?

Complimentary registration is available at

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