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Oertli releases updated OS 4 surgical platform

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Oertli Instrumente AG has launched an updated version of its OS 4 platform, designed for glaucoma, vitreoretinal, and cataract (phaco) surgery modulations.

Tell me about the original OS 4.

The OS 4 platform features a wireless dual-linear foot pedal as a multi-functional control unit; a three-pump (SPEEP pump) system enabling simultaneous control of both the vacuum and flow, enabling precise regulation; and a 15-inch touchscreen for easy menu navigation.

Why is the SPEEP pump important?

With its independent settings for vacuum and flow, the pump generates a dosable holding force at the instrument opening—enabling surgeons to gain complete control during the surgical procedure. Further, it also maintains control of the vacuum while under occlusion.

Additional components include a Power LED light, fully-integrated 532 nm endo laser controlled via the dual-linear pedal, and two infusion system options—active gas-forced infusion and passive gravity infusion—for intraocular pressure (IOP) stability.

What’s new with this latest version?

There’s four new features to know about:

  • occlusion mode
  • faster settings for infusion values
  • temporary irrigation deactivation
  • accessible personal laser settings

I need a rundown on each.

Occlusion, the latest fourth modulation to the platform can be activated for the peristaltic pump system and deliver phaco power only once the vacuum preset limit is reached.

The OS 4’s infusion values are now able to be changed quicker using 5-unit increments (mmHg or cm) designed to stabilize IOP.  It can employ either a gravity or gas-forced infused (GFI) system depending on the surgical protocol.

Surgeons can also deactivate the irrigation during retinal surgery (potentially to lower the IOP) for a defined period in time.  This setting can allow the surgeon to carefully evaluate the peripheral retina.

And the integrated 532 nm endolaser is controllable by touchscreen or directly using the foot pedal; individual personal laser values are programmable for up to 50 surgeons.