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Harrow launches next-gen atropine formulations

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Harrow, through its compounding pharmacy subsidiary ImprimisRx, LLC, has launched a compounded, next-generation formulation of atropine.

Tell me more.

The patent-pending formulation contains no preservatives or boric acid, has a pH of 5.5, and can be stored for 180 days at room temperature.

What can it treat?

According to Harrow, the formulations are not FDA reviewed for safety or efficacy; however, possible indications include cycloplegia, mydriasis, penalization of the healthy eye in the treatment of amblyopia, and uveitis.

Potential side effects?

Reported side effects include blurred vision, visual disturbance, light sensitivity, restlessness, dry mouth, and dry skin. See a complete list.

How many versions are there?

Three concentrations are available: 0.05%; 0.01%; and 0.025%.

Where can I order?

The formulations can be purchased in 5 mL bottles for as low as $39. Click here to prescribe for your patients.

Questions on how to prescribe? offers four, step-by-step ways eyecare professionals can prescribe atropine: electronic medical records (EMRs), using ImprimisRx’s prescriber portal, by phone, or via fax.