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Visionary Optics launches Europa Tangent scleral lens

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Visionary Optics announced the launch of Europa Tangent, its latest scleral lens featuring a customizable design, three-zone step system, and a streamlined fitting process.

Tell me more.

The Europa Tangent includes a single-curve scleral landing zone curve crafted to mimic the natural slope of the scleral surface, which allows for a smoother, softer transition to the landing zone. Driven by profilometry data and Visionary Optics’ scleral shape classification expertise, the lens is patterned after their proprietary free-form lens design.

Aren’t there other Europa lenses?

Indeed. Visionary Optics already launched its Europa Scleral lens that also features customization with toric haptics, a spherical lens design, a presbyopia option, astigmatic correction (front to back toric integration), and the company’s Precision Lift technology that allows for elevation into the mid-peripheral zone of the lens.

How is this lens unique?

The three-zone step system creates a more simplified process by allowing for independent adjustments to be made in the central, limbal, and landing zone in 50μ increments—without any effects on other lens parameters (up to +300μ).

See a fitting guide here.

And watch a video here.

What if I’m new to scleral lens fitting?

The lens was designed with new and season fitters in mind.  With a simplified design, it offers streamlined fitting and the added benefit of advanced customization retained from the established family of Visionary Optics scleral lenses.