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CooperVision now sole provider of SynergEyes’ scleral lens design system

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CooperVision Specialty EyeCare has taken on responsibility as exclusive provider of SynergEyes’ ScanFitPRO software, a scleral lens design system.

Tell me more about this system.

The ScanFitPRO design software contains a novel algorithm that precisely maps topographical data from patients’ eyes to create unique custom lens designs that fit their ocular profiles without the use of physical impressions or diagnostic lens fittings. (via)

What is it compatible with?

The software works with the Oculus Pentacam’s Corneal Scleral Profile (CSP) Report; Oculus AXL Wave; and the Eagle Eye’s Surface Profiler (ESP). Per CooperVision, each scanning technology captures patients’ eyes in a straight-ahead gaze, maximizing lens accuracy.

What does this mean for CooperVision?

While SynergEyes is already a brand within the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare group, taking over as exclusive provider of the ScanFitPRO software consolidates operations—potentially allowing the company to roll out updates and new features on a more rapid scale. Consequently, this could provide eyecare practitioners with fitting advancements to further enhance patient visual outcomes.

Any big changes to know about?

All orders and customer support for the ScanFitPRO will now be managed by CooperVision. EyePrint Prosthetics, the original developer of the software technology, will continue to function as an independent company.