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Hello 2023 — Weekly Glance

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Hello 2023!

Welcome to the first edition of Glance at its new home, Eyes On Eyecare.

Glance is still the weekly email you know and love, but you'll see a lot of cool things coming up, starting with the new Glance website, where you can easily find all previously written articles as well as daily news.

If you're new here, I founded Glance in 2016 as an easy way to keep doctors up-to-date with clinically relevant news and research. Give me 5 minutes in your day, and I'll keep you up-to-date for the week!

Before we dive into 2023....let's recap what happened in 2022.

AEYE Health

Biotrue Hydration Boost Contact Lens Rehydrating Drops

Evo Visian ICL
Generic Restasis
IC-8 Apthera IOL
iCare Home2 Self tonometer
iTear 100
Systane iLux 2
Visibly Online Eye Exam

Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day

Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day Multifocal

Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen

Dailies Total 1 for Astigmatism

Hydra Boost Plus

Revive Custom Soft Lenses

A lot! There are several potential FDA approvals on the docket:

ADX-2191 for primary vitreoretinal lymphoma

Eyenovia MydCombi ophthalmic spray for pupil dilation

NOV03 for meibomian gland dysfunction 

Nyxol for mydriasis reversal

PDP-716 for glaucoma

Reproxalap for dry eye disease

Syfovre for geographic atrophy

TP-03 for demodex

Zimura for geographic atrophy

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! See you next week!