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Harrow and iOR Partners expand national product supply agreement

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Harrow—an eyecare pharmaceutical company exclusively focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative ophthalmic prescription therapies—and iOR Partners, a pioneer in office-based cataract surgery, jointly announced the expansion of their national product supply agreement.

What does this mean?

Through its ImprimisRx division, Harrow’s entire formulary of compounded ophthalmic products will be provided to iOR Partners’ office-based surgery locations across the United States.

What’s coming in the pipeline?

One product from Harrow of particular interest to iOR Partners is the MKO Melt, which has allowed ophthalmologists to substantially reduce the use of opioids and needles during office-based surgical procedures. 

How will this affect me?

The partnership could potentially mobilize an increasing number of cataract surgeons to perform surgery in an office-based environment, offering more personalized care in a patient-friendly setting.