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New FDA approval for a diabetic retinopathy screening tool. — Weekly Glance

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Tell me about it.

It's called AEYE Diagnostic Screening (AEYE-DS), and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose retinopathy from retinal images captured by a Topcon NW-400 desktop retinal camera.

How accurate is it?

Based on phase 3 trials, the AEYE-DS has a 93% sensitivity and a 91.4% specificity. According to AEYE Health, it requires one image per eye and rarely requires dilation.

Can you bill for these images?

Yes. Screening patients with diabetes for retinopathy using AI has recently become reimbursable in the United States using the newly approved CPT code 92229 for AI diagnostic screening.

AEYE Health states that this technology can be used in places such as primary care offices, which are the front lines of population health. (via)


Where can I get compounded atropine?

Harrow announced the launch of, an ordering and marketing portal designed specifically for prescribers interested in compounded atropine formulations. (via)