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AesculaTech a finalist to compete in The Winning Pitch Challenge at Eyecelerator at AAO 2023

AesculaTech, Inc., an emerging leader in innovative ophthalmic  technologies, today announced that Niki Bayat, PhD, co-founder and CEO, will participate as a finalist in  The Winning Pitch Challenge at Eyecelerator on November 2nd, during the American Academy of  Ophthalmology annual meeting in San Francisco, California.

“The Winning Pitch Challenge has been instrumental in providing a platform for early-stage companies,  like AesculaTech, to showcase their pioneering ideas,” said Dr. Bayat. “We're thrilled to have been  selected as a finalist and believe that our groundbreaking medical device, HUMIDIFEYE, has strong  potential to significantly advance the treatment of dry eye disease, as well as other ocular surface  conditions.”

Dry eye disease (DED) is one of the most common ocular surface disorders affecting approximately 23  million people in the United States, with 12 million moderate-to-severe DED patients treated with  therapies beyond over-the-counter lubricants.1,2

HUMIDIFEYE, a physician-friendly, one-size-fits all  device, occludes the tear duct using a breakthrough temperature-responsive hydrogel that adapts to  patient anatomy once deployed with the press of a button. In a pilot study, HUMIDIFEYE demonstrated a  rapid improvement in both the signs and symptoms of DED in as early as 2 weeks, with sustained efficacy  through 3 months. HUMIDIFEYE provides a novel and elegant solution to the clinical challenges of  traditional punctal plugs by offering excellent comfort, lack of migration or extrusion, decreased chair time,  and simplified inventory.

“Our team has put in tremendous effort and dedication, and this accomplishment serves as a testament to  our innovative approach and the value we strive to bring to patients with dry eye,” added Dr. Bayat.  “We’re excited to showcase the transformative potential of HUMIDIFEYE to the audience at  Eyecelerator and the larger eye care community.”

The Winning Pitch Challenge, Eyecelerator at AAO 2023

Presenter: Niki Bayat, PhD, CEO

Presentation time: Thursday, November 2, 11:00 AM PST

Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis


The HUMIDIFEYE device offers personalized occlusion for tear retention by delivering a proprietary  temperature-sensitive punctal hydrogel using a sterile, disposable, one-size-fits all micro-volume  autoinjector. Administered as a liquid, the hydrogel adapts to patient anatomy and transitions into a non degradable flexible solid at body temperature. HUMIDIFEYE® can be easily removed using a prefilled  saline syringe designed with an irrigation tip.

In a study of 44 eyes, HUMIDIFEYE demonstrated an 82% average reduction in DED symptoms as  measured by the Ocular Surface Disease Index score, a 73% average reduction in total corneal  fluorescein staining, a 197% average increase in basal tears based on Schirmer testing, and an overall  improvement in patient quality of life parameters. AesculaTech is moving towards HUMIDIFEYE market  clearance in 2024.

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About AesculaTech, Inc.

AesculaTech is a private company focused on building better lives through custom chemistry. Founded  by University of Southern California researchers in 2016, AesculaTech’s platform technology utilizes a  proprietary smart material to develop biomedical and consumer products that are engineered to be  adaptable and responsive.

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